Why TreasurePods and what are they?

We wanted to tell you a little more about TreasurePods and why we make them…

We believe in beauty, simplicity and love. It is not the value of the item but what it represents and more importantly how it makes you feel. Remember going home from university and the smell of your parent’s house, how the sound or feel of something would bring back a whoosh of a memory or how a picture takes you right back to that day. That warm feeling, that rush of remembrance and love that surrounds you. I want you to keep that with you always. That is why we make TreasurePods.

It all started many years ago in the form of a dress, a dress based around memories. A ball dress with hundreds of small organza see-through pockets, each one containing a piece of something special, a memory, a belonging of someone loved, an item that gave that warm rush of remembrance.

TreasurePods dress

Made in the heart of the historic jewellery quarter in Birmingham each locket is individually made, finished and polished by hand. Our main locket expert, Stan, has been making lockets for nearly 60 years, having made the celebratory lockets for the Queens silver jubilee, he is a true craftsman.Stan

The lockets are hallmarked sterling silver, 18 carat gold vermeil or 9 carat solid gold with domed mineral glass — making them very strong and safe. They can be opened and closed for you to enclose your own collection of memories or birthstones to give you that tingle of love that is unique to you.

IMG_2462 Done 2

Silver treasure pods

IMG_2601 1000

IMG_2584 1000

Our chains are all handmade in London and come with our signature key to symbolize the importance of keeping your treasures safe.

IMG_2489 1000

Have a look at our sister website treasurepods.com and let us know what you think of our other product.

You can also read what some other people have put in their TreasurePods on our stories page here

What do you treasure? Let us know! x

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