Why every female traveller needs Slinks

Megan hitting the beach in her Slinks

The lovely Megan from Mapping Megan has tried and tested Slinks – here is what she thought…

“It’s a tough decision every time you go to pack; choosing which pair of shoes to sacrifice and leave in the wardrobe behind. You need your pair of hiking boots, as bulky as they are, and a good pair of sneakers are a must, but then you also have to consider footwear for the beach, something you can wear to dress up and then something to also dress down, perhaps a set of flats, a set of sandals, and, if you’re planning on hitting up the clubs, maybe even a sneaky pair of high heels.

What you end up looking at laid out on the floor are 8 pairs of shoes for one trip. Good luck fitting them all into one bag!

But why should we have to go through the heart wrenching agony to choose?! The answer? You shouldn’t! And this, my dear female traveler, is why every single one of you needs a pair of Slinks. Your packing problems solved without sacrificing your desire to travel with multiple pairs of shoes…because one pair of sandals is never enough!

Slinks are ingenious interchangeable sandals by Jane Rafter. From just one base you have a variety of sandal style options, and while in place the “uppers” appear fixed, these can be changed quickly and easily…imagine new shoes every day!

It’s 3, 4 or 5 sets of sandals in one, giving you shoes for every occasion, and fabulous feet wherever you go. And because you’re only traveling with one base, you’ll have so much more room in your bag to move!

Has your mind been blown?! Their footwear collection has fashionable flip flops, pretty summer sandals, and fantastic flats for comfortable city walks. Perfect for city breaks, beach escapes or summer holidays, and ideal for a capsule sunny wardrobe or dressy occasions like a destination wedding, the brilliance of this concept lies in the ability for multiple different options of shoe, while taking up minimal space in your bag. Wear a beaded sandal one day, and a simple classic leather sandal the next.

Slinks are constantly bringing out new designs and colors so once you have your bases you can just keep adding to your collection. You can choose your base in either a flat or a wedge and add uppers as you please. All the uppers can be worn on both the flat and the wedge bases which is fantastic.

My choice of Slinks? I went with a set of white leather bases with a variation of three different uppers, which came all beautifully packed in a silk bag. The bag has proved to be a fantastic way to organize the uppers and keep everything together in the one place.

I went with three choices of uppers to start, though check in with me again in a month to see how large my collection has grown! The uppers I have now are “Cecilia”, “Lily of the Incas” and “Lady Ellen”; and each comes in a range of different color choices as well meaning you can change your look to suit your mood!

Surprisingly, the Lady Ellen uppers are incredibly comfortable and supportive if you’re planning on taking a walk – normally I would reserve the walking shoe recommendation for sneakers, though as you can see below, they made it through some pretty hilly hikes!

The even better part? It’s a quality shoe! Slinks represent luxury craftsmanship and design down to the last stitch, and every pair of sandals is absolutely beautiful, simplistic and unique.

But now you’re thinking *&^%$ – I leave on my holiday tomorrow, and you’re only just telling me about Slinks now?!

Yes, they ship all over the world, and yes, if you send them an email they’ll organize next day delivery if possible and sort it all out!”

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