Shhh! It’s a secret…

Our new bases with a front strap are out and they are clever! Our wedge sandals come in Black and our gorgeous Nude. The question is “How do I wear my uppers I already have on these fabulous new bases?”. It is so simple, yet a technical masterpiece!

wedge sandalsThe bases can be worn with a simple strap around the ankle, leaving the front part of your foot bare with the strap across the front of your toes. This style eliminates the toe post and holds the foot very secure in the slightly higher heel.Best interchangeable sandalsBut… they can also be worn with all the uppers that work on the toe post. The secret is under the front strap that goes across the toes. We have engineered a super strong, soft ribbon that holds your uppers in place. Ribbon Shot for Slinks

You simply slip the front section of your upper through and fold back and pop closed the same way you do with the current styles.

How wedge bases work Slinks

Simple right? And super comfortable, see we told you it was clever.

Devilishly clever, always x


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