What the shape of your toes say about your character…

Some say that the eyes are the mirrors to the soul, however, other body parts are mirrors to our personality… There is a psychological theory that the shape of our body is also a language of our unconscious mind. Be that as it may, this is what some say the shape of your toes says about your character.

  • We are not podiatrists but we have let you know what style of Slinks we think would suit you foot shape.


These little tootsies represent a creative personality. People with this shape of feet are very smart and always find creative solutions to any problem. However, sometimes, due to insecurity, they leave their work undone.

*Lovely symmetrical toes deserve to wear our Helena’s super, simple and sassy – let your creative personality shine! These simple summer sandals are the ones for you.

Slinks Pair Helena Truff


People with this type of feet are energetic. They have significant creative potential, they are strong and other people find security within these people.

*If you are the energetic type, you’ll be running around the place all day, Our Cecilia’s are the ones for you my dear No.2’s. Our new uber padded and comfortable sandal bases with these strappy sandal uppers will go with you all the way.


HK2 WHT Cecilia_23

This type of feet indicate strong leadership qualities. One of the main loves of these people is success in their career. However, there is one thing that can derail them from their purpose: They crave for incredible perfectionism! It’s an interesting fact that there is an Indian Legend which says that mothers did not allow their sons to marry women where the second toe on the foot is longer than the others. It was considered a sign of a commanding character.

  • Rumour has it that if your second toe is longer than your big toe you are descended from royalty. Rather than a commanding character, let’s call you Regal! The only summer sandals for you are our Lily’s. These pretty sparkly sandals are right on point for you.

Tuff Lily close up


People with this shape of toes are lucky, their greatest value comes from their family and close friends. Owners of this type are characterised by the ability to listen to others and identify with the other party. Sometimes they wear everything on their heart and get too emotional. This kind of empathy is often not useful and needs some work to be done to control it.

*Family and friends are vital to you and maybe you don’t put yourself first often enough – you should treat yourself and there is no better way than with our Lalay’s. A simple hand beaded sandal upper which look great on our wedge sandals too.

J23 SLV Lalay


These type of people talk about ambition but they sometimes lack a little responsibility. A person which such toes is fun and engaging but sometimes naïve like a child.

  • ” Naïve like a child”? There is no better way to be in our books. Life can get too complicated the older you get and we should all revert to our inner fun more often. For you my dear No. 5 we have selected a favourite summer sandal here. The delight of the Lulu is for you. Enjoy!
Which toes do you have?
What the shape of your toes say about your character...

What the shape of your toes say about your character…


NOTE: Some sections taken from www.enlightened-planet.com


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