One holiday – how many shoes??!!

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Choosing the right pairs of shoes to take on holiday to make sure that you’re covered for all scenarios is always a tricky one to master. Even harder, if you have narrowed down your options, we all know how hard it can be trying to squeeze too many pairs of shoes into the corners of a tiny suitcase. No fear, Slinks has the answer. Our devilishly clever sandal designs allow you to choose from a selection of bases and match your chosen base with as many uppers as you like! A great way of saving you space and hassle.

Here at Slinks we’ve taken a hypothetical beach and sightseeing holiday to Santorini with your girlfriends to demonstrate how to wear only one pair of shoes in 7 different scenarios. We’ve taken the white Slinks base and teamed it with 7 different uppers to get you through your holiday.

White Base R side view1. To the beach
For a simple option to wear to the beach we suggest the Miss T Slinks Upper in coral. This upper features a leather T-bar style which is guaranteed to go with everything and can be easily slipped on and off when you reach the sand.

Slinks Santa Monice beach

2. Sightseeing
For an option that is going to look great in all your sightseeing photographs we have chosen the Lady Ellen Slinks Upper. This upper turns your base into an ultra glamorous gladiator that will take you through the day and into the night. The bottom strap threads through the loops of your Slinks base and the top strap around your ankle for a secure fit. The soft leather makes this upper extremely comfortable to wear and will provide all-day comfort while you explore your holiday destination.

Megan from Mapping Megan, one of our favourite travel bloggers, jumping for joy in her Slinsk gladiator sandals outside Stanford University.

3. To Dinner
For an evening of fine food and wine we suggest wearing none other than the Adeline Dew Slinks Upper. The highly embellished design of the strap will catch the light and show off your newly tanned skin. This upper is guaranteed to suit any foot!

Slinks out to dinner!

4. On a night out
For a night out there is no better choice than the Lily Slinks Upper. The hand beaded swirl and spiral design will some sparkle to your outfit. This upper also looks stunning on any foot shape.

Dusk Waiting for the train in Finland sandals slinks

5. For a trip to the shops
We all know that a shopping trip requires comfortable footwear in order to be enjoyed. For this scenario we suggest choosing the Helena Slinks Upper which is a simple design that is guaranteed to provide long lasting comfort. This upper will also create a gorgeous two tone look with your white base that looks best teamed with a maxi dress.

Helena Nude leather sandal from Slinks

6. On a date
If you’re lucky enough to bag an impromptu date on your getaway then we suggest the Bella Slinks Upper. This upper is is a girls dream. The design is simple and stylish but the gold ring gives it an edge. This upper will look great with whichever outfit you choose and will have you looking fabulous for your date.


7. To the Airport
For airport chic we suggest pairing your base with the Cecilia Slinks Upper. This upper is an asymmetrical delight. The sleek design will add some style to the simplest of outfits. The upper comes in a red, green and snake print design as well as white so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Slinks, Flip Flops, Summer Flip Flops, Interchangeable Summer Sandals, Best Travel Shoe

We love seeing your combination creations so don’t forget to take snaps of your Slinks holiday options and tag us in your photos! Most importantly, enjoy your unlimited sandal options and make the most of all the extra space in your suitcase by buying more holiday clothes!



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