How To Pack Light and Stay Stylish

Audrey on holiday, living it up being stylish and fun - if only she was around to wear Slinks, we are sure she would have loved our super stylish sandals!

Packing light minimises the hassle that travel involves and also means that you can avoid costly luggage fees that those pesky airlines try to sting you with. Packing for Europe could mean you’re bundling as much into a backpack as possible for an extended trip or building a capsule holiday wardrobe for a quick getaway. But wherever you’re going and whether you’re travelling by train, plane or foot to Europe or beyond, these handy tips on how to pack light will make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible without compromising on style.

  1. Pack Tightly As Well As Lightly
    Make sure that your clothes are packed densely into your case and that there are no holes or gaps. This YouTube video is great for mastering a folding technique that will allow you to pack coats, jumpers, shirts and jeans all into one small bundle. Also remember that underwear, accessories and smaller items can be stuffed into shoes and corners to maximise your space.
  2. Wear Your Heavy Items
    This seems obvious but wearing your bulkiest items is a way of cheating the system. If it’s not packed, it doesn’t count! Wear your naughty extra pieces to the airport and then at least they are not compromising your efficiently packed luggage.
  3. You Never Need More Than 3 Of One Thing
    3 of the same item allows for one to be wearing, one to be washing and one to be drying. When choosing your 3 items try to pack a variety to maximise your options. You don’t need 3 pairs of blue jeans! The limit of 3 items should also be applied to shoes – if you choose the right 3 pairs then all bases are covered. A pair of trainers, a casual option and a pair of sandals is all you need. Luckily for us, however, we can get away with a Slinks set counting for only 1 pair of shoes. A base and 2-3 uppers will add variety and provide stylish day-to-night options without compromising space.
  4. Wash Your Clothes
    If you’re going on a longer trip then the key to how to pack light thing is remembering that everything can be washed and worn again. Pack as if you’re going for 1 week and simply make the time to wash your clothes.
  5. Layer Up
    If you’re unsure about the weather forecast or you’re travelling to multiple destinations with different climates, layering is the key to packing lightly. Take plenty of short sleeve pieces and layer them under just a couple of heavier jumpers or jackets. The heavier items won’t get too dirty quickly if you’re wearing a layer underneath. At the moment we are loving the Uniqlo Ultra Light Down for a summer jacket that rolls up into no space at all. Remember that tops layered under dresses and dungarees can also look super stylish.
  6. Don’t think ‘what if?’
    The worst-case scenario will most likely not happen and if it does, chances are there is a shop nearby selling the item that you require. You’re more likely to regret taking too much extra stuff than you are not taking it.
  7. Stick To A Small Colour Palette
    This is key to building a stylish capsule wardrobe and will ensure you can mix and match everything that you pack. It may seem boring but stick to neutral colours and pack a selection of colourful accessories to brighten up your outfits. This means that each outfit will be unique even if you’re wearing the same key items. Silk scarves such as this one by Beckford Silk is the perfect accessory for creating a chic and stylish outfit.
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