How to achieve perfect hair…

Whether your single or dating, a night out this weekend (for the night of lurrve) is on the cards. It is the weekend after all! We’re here to help with your locks…

We’ve always coveted those gorgeous tousled waves you see about on those luscious ladies, who saunter around with perfectly sexy, just got out of bed, sensuous waves. How do they do it?

Well, we are here to tell you in the simplest of ‘waves’…

We were lucky enough to see the super talented George Northwood do a talk called “The Art of Tonging” (try explaining that to your loved one – “No darling, ‘tonging’ not tonguing! “

There are a few key things you need.

Must haves:

ghd curve classic curl tong – £120 (be careful with fingers and ears they get HOT)

Pureology Smoothing Serum – About £17.50 (depends where you buy it)



If you want to go that little extra:

Thermal heat protection spray (Redken)

Windblown 05 (Redken)– dry textured spray

Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo (Redken)

Fabricate 03 (again Redken) – adds the perfect amount of texture while protecting the hair from heat damage and makes the curls last longer




  1. Wash your hair, shampoo, condition with usual products in usual way.
  2. Towel dry
  3. Put a small dollop of smoothing serum into your hand and rub together and smooth though hair (use thermal spray now if you want too).

Slinks hair

HOW TO DRY THE HAIR: Rough dry with your fingers and a hairdryer. No need for brushes. Try and ‘surprise’ the hair, sweep it up and around in all directions.Try and give it body towards the back of the head, lifting the fingers (like a cat pawing or revving a motor bike). Flat dry towards the front of the head, so gently pulling the fringe and side of the hair (around the face) down and in towards the face. This will help get rid of cowlicks and Lara Fawcett winged curls.

HOW TO TONG: When dry get your tongs out and separate into about 1” sections. I usually start at the back and work my way around (I find using a mirror when actually tonging confusing as it is all back to front so I do it by feel). Wrap the hair up and around AND down and around so alternating the curl. Leave about 1” of the hair out of the tong at the root and the same at the end of the hair this will give it a more natural look. With the section around your face, the hair that frames the face tong in towards the face so the curls are coming in not out (again avoiding Ms Fawcett look)

LITTLE TIP: If you want slightly less bouncy curls give the section of hair you have just taken out of the tongs a little pull when it comes out to give it a total natural look – I personally prefer the wilder, bouncier curls! You can lift section of the hair and spray the dry shampoo right in at the root, this will give it more lift and make it last longer.

If you want to do more: Give you hair a once over with Windblown 05.

You are now even more beautiful! x

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