How it works

STEP 1 – Choose your sandal base

Heels or Flats? What colour do you want?

Leather sandals from Slinks, simple strappy sandals to beaded evening sandals

STEP 2 – Choose your sandal uppers

Plain or beaded? Sandals in every colour. We have over 50 styles for you.

Some of the lovely summer sandals we make right. Handmade here in the UK

STEP 3 – Pop your upper on your base

You now have your sandal base with as many styles as you like. Good for packing, good for the environment and good for your feet!

Slinks One base endless styles

Worldwide Shipping

Your Slinks Sandals will be dispatched within two days.

One of your upper choices not quite right? Simply return and we’ll refund!

See our shipping and returns page for details.

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