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We love a gal with get up and go here so when we were contacted by Laura, a super lovely travel blogger from Completing my Bucket List we couldn’t say no. Laura lives in a small town in the north of Scotland with her husband and pet rabbits.  Back in 2012 she was depressed, overweight, in a dead end job and doing nothing with her life.  She decided she was the only person who could change this!  She started off with a bungee jump and since then has been trying to figure out who she is, and what she wants to do in life by working through her ever growing bucket list.

We sent her some Slinks to try out and she’ll be parading them around the streets of Portugal in May – we’ll keep you posted.

“I remember the days when I used to pack a large suitcase for a one week beach vacation.  Far too many outfits and shoes which would never get worn, and just made it a hassle for traveling. Now I’ve mastered the art of packing light, but with these Slinks Sandals you don’t even miss out on having many changes of sandals with you.

With Slinks, you pick your sandal base and add on whichever topper suits your mood at the time.  They arrived in this amazing package, perfect for fitting them in your hand luggage. Three pairs of sandals for the space of one pair of shoes!


Interchangeable sandals in a set

Sandals Set - interchangeable

With casual and dressy styles, there is something to wear for every occasion.  I have these funky animal print ones for during the day, then can switch up to the flowers for going out for dinner.

customisable sandalsAs well as being beautiful they are comfortable as well. Exactly what I need for my week in Portugal in May.

Comfortable sandals

The non-slip soles were the second thing that drew me to Slinks Sandals (after the amazing ideas of switching toppers).  After a pretty bad fall in Mexico in my sandals I wanted something I’d feel secure wearing on my adventures.

SLINKS make it easy… 

  • Perfect for holiday packing
  • Ideal for beach weddings and honeymoons
  • Great for a capsule sunny wardrobe
  • An upper to match every outfit
  • Fit more sandals in your shoe cupboard
  • Less shoes in landfills
  • Over time, replace your bases and keep your upper collection
  • Be stylish on your city break with hand luggage only
  • Day or evening? Heels or flats? All our uppers fit on both!

I love these sandals, and they’ve made warm vacation packing so much easier for me.  I’ll be sharing photos of these out in action on our trip in May.  But until then, to find out more about Slinks head over to

Read more here

Thank you Laura, safe and happy travels girl!




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