Emily falls in love with Slinks

Black Summer Sandals by Slinks, perfect Christmas present.

The  award winning writer and blogger Emily Luxton is on a mission to explore the world through deeper travel. A lover of hiking, sunsets, adventures, culture, & occasional luxury! She is the perfect Slinks wearer – see what she had to say…

“Packing light and travelling in style aren’t two things that go together easily, especially when it comes to shoes. Generally for trips to warmer climes, I’ll allow myself one pair of trainers or walking shoes and just one pair of sandals. Which makes it pretty hard to dress up.

So, when the lovely folks at the “devilishly clever” sandal company Slinks got in touch to tell me about their stylish solution to the shoe packing conundrum, I was all ears. The brand was founded Jane Rafter, a designer who’s passionate about quality and practical but equally beautiful design. She’s combined all of these qualities into Slinks, the interchangeable sandal.

Slinks 3

t’s so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! Slinks sandals are interchangeable, all you have to do is to choose a base and a selection of uppers, and you’ll have lots of lovely options for travel footwear in one. It’s like taking lots of sandals awSlinks poppersay with you, except that you only have to pack one pair! Bases even included a wedge option if you prefer heels to flats – or you could take one of each and still hardly take up any suitcase space.

I opted for a nice black base since that will go with everything, but all the shades are pretty neutral making them super versatile. Choosing the uppers was a lot trickier; there are quite a few options! In the end, I went for the Cecila, a plain leather strap which is perfect for day wear. The thick strap is comfy, creating the perfect sandals for a bit of light sightseeing or chilling out at the beach. Then, if I want to dress the sandals up when night falls, it’s simple. I can swap the Cecila strap for the glitzy Lily of the Incas uppers which are decorated with pretty beaded swirls – creating a whole new sandal. The uppers are held securely in place with two poppers, so it’s really easy to swap them over – but they’re definitely not going to go flying off my feet as I walk.

Slinks 2

My Slinks sandals also come with their own cute cotton bag, which is ideal for travel and means I can stow them safely in my suitcase. The soft leather is comfy and feels really luxurious – these are high quality sandals that really do solve the shoe packing nightmare. I love my Slinks and they make travelling light that little bit more stylish. Beautiful, comfy, AND practical – who knew it was possible!”

“NB – my sandals were a gift from Slinks, but all words and opinions are my own”

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