As I leave Madrid to head back to London a new chapter of my life begins.

A weekend celebration and a toast to Slinks which I have run for the past ten years. New pastures call and I am moving on.

Thank you so much for all that have supported me for the past 10 years, it has been brilliant! Love always xx

He was a little all over the place, that was for sure.

But the good news is that when he loved, he loved big.

And if he loved you, you knew he loved you.

You never had to wonder.


We introduced you to this new member of the workforce nearly two years ago and he is learning fast and the most valuable member of the team!

First of December, Christmas Season has officially started! Christmas drinks, work parties, long festive lunches and spontaneous fun nights out.

With all this social media about and people posting endless pictures of you, you want to look your best right? We’ve put together 10 sure quick things to learn so you can look your best in the Christmas office party photos.

1: Practise

Before you even hit the party posing in front of a mirror at home and practicing is the best way find out your best angle and most flattering smile. Once there, replicate your best poses.

(If you want to take it a step further take a look at your favorite pictures of yourself and try to spot a pose pattern. What’s you best angle baby? What’s your killer smile?)

2: Make-up

Don’t forget to spend time on your eyebrows—they frame your face – all good works of art should have a frame.

3: Don’t drink and pose

Try to take the pictures early on in the evening, one or two little drinks might be ok, but after that fourth glass of champagne you are less in control and will muck up all you are learning here. Avoid red wine too – dark teeth are not a good look.

4: Mirror check

Do a last minute check of your face and teeth – this is vital. Check your eyeliner has not somehow managed to spread on your top lid, no sudden red pimples have appeared and most importantly your teeth. Not everyone will tell you that you have a piece of parsley in your teeth from that vol-au-vent you just devoured.

5: Stick your neck out

Push your face forward ever so slightly. It feels totally silly when you’re doing it, but it makes your face look thinner and hides any sign of a double chin.

6: Angle of the camera

Speaking of double chins – make sure the camera lens is at eye level or slightly higher, any lower and you’ll look like you have a double chin – squat if need be or pop the photographer on a chair (insist on it, no matter how old they are) anything to avoid the dreaded chin.

7: Twist your body

Facing the camera straight on is very rarely flattering. Stand facing slightly away from the camera, then twist at the waist to face the camera then turn your head to a three-quarter position to give your features depth. Make it subtle though – if you overdo it you’ll look like a stray from a beauty pageant. Think more Greek statue – again practice!

8: Stuck in the middle of the photo and can’t do point 7

If you’re stuck in the middle of the group picture and can’t do all the fancy angling and twists and you’re straight on to the lens, thrust your bottom out a bit to make your waist look more defined from the front (think twerking). Push your shoulders back, thrust your neck out like a rooster but tilt your chin very slightly down a few degrees. You’ll look utterly ridiculous from the side but will actually look great in the final picture.

9: Smile trick

Try this old school red carpet trick; place your tongue behind your teeth when you smile to avoid a slightly over enthusiastic too wide a grin.

10: Grab a prop

Preferably not your boss, a cheap plastic drinking cup or especially not that rude Secret Santa gift that’s floating around the room. Holding onto an object such as a champagne glass, a glittery purse or an unwrapped gift can help you relax your posture and add personality to the picture. Perfect darling.

11: Extra tip – Be kind at the party!

No matter what you look like, nothing will knock your innate sex appeal and goddess like looks down faster than being rude to people. The camera never lies! Invite the new girl into the picture or the quiet one or the office lad that no one talks to. Pop yourself in the center view so the other girls can get the better angle shots, quickly check their teeth for them, pass them your prop to hold. You? Arch your back, pop out the booty and flash the best you’ve got – smile that is!

Share these tips with a friend so they too can look her best.

Happy start to the festive season!

Love Slinks x



Every year it comes around and we wonder if it is a clever marketing ploy just to get us to buy more? Are we falling for it? Interestingly there are quite a few people who take the day off, yes actually take all of Friday off to shop those bargins! Are they following the shopping marketing folks plan or are they the clever ones making the most of this?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and for over 80 years it has been seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Cyber Monday is three days later. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. So basically both of them have been created to encourage people to shop!

Whatever ones feelings are regarding Black Friday it is a good time to shop. Whether it is just to stock up on essentials or to buy those treats you can’t live without (those shoes that WILL change your life), if you need to buy something and you want to save money, now seems like a good time to us. There are lots of websites where you can read where to get the best deals, The Telegraph is good for some interesting tips.


We decided a couple of years ago that Slinks should be part of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday gang. We soon realised we could shop and save money! This is often when we buy items for the studio, maybe a new computer, coffee capsules for our machine (can’t live without them!) and last year a new rug.

However, even more importantly, we know it’s nice to treat our customers who want a little off before Christmas – hence our fabulous 25% off sale.

With so much choice and so many bargains there could be hours of internet shopping ahead of you.  We’re here to help you get through it with a couple of small helpful tips and essentials!

There are 6 essential items that you need:

  1. TIME
  4. WINE

The first three we can’t really help you with but we know you’ll manage just fine.

Ideally you will also dress like these two Partners in Crime.

Ideally you will also dress like these two Partners in Crime.

We can however help with the other three! It is essential that you enjoy your shopping evening and in our opinion these three items will make the evening all the better. We’ve tracked down the best place to buy wine, olives and candles (all obviously at great prices!). The wine is because it tastes great and makes a treat of anything. The olives are in case you get peckish and need a little pick me up and lastly, the scented candles are to calm the mood and bring some yogic breathing to the possibly stressful affair!



WINE: We all have our preference when it comes to wine, personally we are enjoying the Chateau Descale Bordeaux Superior at the moment. A rich and smooth palate with an attractive bouquet “reflecting perfectly ripe grapes with rich blackcurrant aromas”. At the moment Tesco are doing a good deal reduced from £12 a bottle to £6.50 (buy a few we say).

OLIVES: We are loving these Green Nocellara Del Belice Olives. Always go for olives with the ‘stone-in’ like these (much better) and these come with a little hint of lemon. They are firm and great tasting at £1.80 a go from Sainsburys

SCENTED CANDLES: There are thousands of divine scented candles on the market so please do pick your favourite but we find these simple ones from IKEA (at 85p a candle!) an economic but divinely scented option!

Good luck with the shopping and don’t forget to have a look at whilst sipping your wine!



Apart from the total beauty and devilishly cleverness of Slinks there is something we want to make sure you are aware of – with Slinks you can SAVE MONEY.

Yes, we can’t tell you clearer than that. As we all know Slinks are a premium brand of footwear.  Handmade, strong on comfort, beautifully designed, top of the range, all singing all dancing sandals! We can’t shout about them enough.

Each and every pair is handmade with love and care either in our factory in India or right here in England. Usually this quality comes with a price tag but once you have your initial pair of interchangeable sandals you can simply add to your collection for the same price as a bunch of flowers! Flowers last a week (don’t get us wrong, we are real flower loving folk here at Slinks) but an upper will last a lifetime. We usually give the bases three years of good wear (if everyone wore Slinks in the summer we could reduce landfills of sandals to a third, but we will go into that another time) so keep the bases and just add uppers. A no-brainer right?

From one base of a sandal you can have as many styles as you like, We are not just talking about a colour change, a completely new look. Go from the “Champagne Darling?” glamour chick to the “Adventure Loving” outdoor girl with just the change of a sandal top.

travel-with-the-best-interchangeable-sandalstravel-with-interchangeable-sandals-copyWe’ll give you an example.

Say, you’re going away for a long weekend to the south of France or a little trip to Fraser Island with a couple of friends, nice simple cheap and cheerful flight (you know the ones where they measure your bags and you have to pay well over the odds if you place it in the hold). You want to take a few outfits to wear.

4 days – 1 pair of shoes

Pair of jeans

Chic blouse

Saucy top x 2

Super dress


Lightweight jumper


And 1 PAIR OF SLINKS interchangeable sandals (a base and 3 uppers, Slinks Set)

one-base-3-styles-of-sandalsVoila – all fit in to a cosy little carry on. All the glamour and none of the hassle!

We’ve even put them together for you! 1 pair of shoes will give you 6 styles for your travels – let us know which is your favourite look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?


Outfit 1 Shorts with PomPom sandals

Outfit 1 Shorts with PomPom sandals


Outfit 2 Floral dress with Slinks sandals

Outfit 2 Floral dress with Slinks sandals


Outfit 3 jeans with white sandals

Outfit 3 jeans with white sandals


Outfit 4 jeans with green sandals

Outfit 4 jeans with green sandals


Outfit 5 shorts with white sandals

Outfit 5 shorts with white sandals


Outfit 6 jeans with PomPom sandals

Outfit 6 jeans with PomPom sandals

Do let us know which is your favourite look! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6?



We are delighted that we will be showing at Best of Britannia next week
3rd and 4th October 2014 in London.

We will be there with our TreasurePods and Barefoot Slinks, both handmade in the UK – Sparkle, originality and quality.

(Use the promo code bobfeedsclerkenwell to gain 2 day access with a Pulled meal and a pint of Meantime beer for £8)

CLICK HERE to register

Best of Britannia

Best of Britannia – come and say hello!

What do you treasure?

What do you treasure?

I first started making Slinks with a factory in Elche, near Alicante in Spain. I was ‘nearly’ happy with the factory and speaking the language was a real help! I moved production to Delhi after Dragons Den and have used the same factory in Delhi since day one. I wanted to get the production costs down and I was also ready to place bigger orders. I had a choice of India or China. I may be wrong and feel free to correct me, but in my research and understanding there is a lot more artisan and craft approach to Indian factories, a more personal hand finished approach. It was recommended to me by the ex-shoe buyer of Bloomingdales and I am forever grateful to her. The quality and attention to detail has been brilliant. I work on every step of the process with them, a few words of Hindi, many a hand gesture and their much better than average grasp of English.


View from the factory window – sorry about the bad photography!

There are many stories of unpleasant factories in India and I am pleased to say where Slinks are made is not one of them. I go there regularly and each time get more involved and wish I could sit and bead with them! The vast majority of the work is done by men which I found very intriguing to start with. They do all the patterns, cutting, sewing and most interesting of all the hand beading. The two sides of the factory which are more female orientated are: office work and the packing end of it all.


Imtiaz and myself understanding each other (just!) over the beading and embroidery designs.

Choosing the leathers, colours, beads, buckles and designing is one side of the Slinks process I love but the other side is… the patterns! Getting an upper to fit, technically work perfectly and of course look fabulous dahlin’ is a challenge and a thrill.

choosing-leathers-for-slinksIf I know something can be done, I will stick at it, four, five, six patterns later it is done. The main pattern cutter is called Richie. He is brilliant! He doesn’t talk much and I babble away with (at) him. We get on very well, two more different people you probably couldn’t have but between us we do just fine.

Checking a pattern for fit and comfort. Richie in the middle in the navy tank top. Sumita in the white jacket, my right hand woman in India and the maker of all possible.

Checking a pattern for fit and comfort. Richie in the middle in the navy tank top. Sumita in the white jacket, my right hand woman in India and the maker of all possible.

All we need to do now is wait for the new stock to arrive – not long now!

Thanks for reading,

Jane x

Why I love Delhi…There is a slight chaotic organisation to everything in Delhi. I am sure you have heard of the crazy traffic, the cows in the road and the colours everywhere. My personal favourite story is as follows: I was picked up at the airport, it was the height of their summer, so baking hot. When the taxi driver and I had managed to locate each other, I was bundled into the back of a rather ‘florally’ decorated car. We set off and bounced merrily along the highway, all was gong well. All of a sudden the brakes were slammed on and we came to a standstill in the middle of the highway… I had no idea what the emergency was. I sat there and waited as the driver fumbled around in a box in front of the front passenger seat. “Wet towel?” he asked as he poked his head back up and held out a neatly rolled towel. Obviously he had forgotten a vital part of the welcome service (?!) and thought the highway was the best place to amend his fault! I accepted and we happily continued our trip together

I know, “shocking” as my Australian Aunt would say, not over a month since my last blog…

I have had emails through complaining that I didn’t give enough information about India, some calls to show the red turban photos amongst other things.

There is so much to tell about India, I’ll show pictures and do a section at a time. First start choosing fabric. This is for the Slinks bags, the ones you know and love and then also we have a new design… We are also introducing some very special Slinks bases and as usual quality, durability and comfort are vital.

This is the wall we are faced with…Image

This is our helpful helper Arish. Looks like I am inspired by his green top!Image

The super lovely Karishma was on hand, really efficient and a smiley. Very good at presenting rolls of fabric (pls see below). She helped with the language too!Image

Trying to narrow it down?Image

Not an easy task but one of the funnest! x

Well, another year… Happy 2013!

My intention is to write a blog at the beginning of each month but I realise we are fast approaching the end of January.

It was a busy Christmas for us, with lots of online sales and our launch of Barefoot Slinks in Heidi Klein. They will only be in stores for a short time before they return in the summer, so get shopping!

Available at: Liberty, 174 Westbourne Grove (Notting Hill), 257 Pavilion road (Sloane Square)

Handmade Barefoot Slinks for Heidi Klein boutiques

Handmade Barefoot Slinks for Heidi Klein boutiques

We have made a decision for 2013 to keep most of our Slinks sales online. We have over 30 countries waiting to stock Slinks and endless shops. This is all good and very flattering but what is important to us for the customer (among other things) is quality and fair pricing. I am still trying to get my head around how the majority of product sales work. From what I can gather one of the above has to give – either the quality is compromised or the customer is not getting value for money.

This is a rather radical step and we do have a few select boutiques we will be supplying and another few we would desperately love to supply too! We’ll keep you in the loop.


I recently did an interview for an Australian Company which of course I will post when it is published but thought I’d give any entrepreneurs out there a little teaser…

Q. If you were to define the entrepreneurial mindset, what does it mean and what are the benefits?

A. Belief, determination and a sense of humor. You have to believe in yourself and/or your product 100%. The belief in what you are doing and creating the end result is what will drive you to continue. Throughout the process I got a physical buzz every time I tried Slinks on – they worked and I loved it. There are no tricks to being an entrepreneur, you have to think in your way and trust your instincts. Get advice from people but do it your way whether this goes against the norm or not.

Jane x


I start the day with the same breakfast EVERY day (except Saturdays when I meet the “girls” for breakfast…) I think I have been doing this for about 6 and a half months. This is a long time for me. I like versatility, change and innovation, hence my job with Slinks!

I have had quite a few people ask me about this magic breakfast so time to share it – try it once and you’ll never go back. It will keep you full for hours, loads of energy and you don’t need to have anything fancy like vanilla pods or Vietnamese corriander casually lying around your kitchen…

Next the recipe… there are three versions of this:

1. Magic Pancake

2. Fancy Version

3. Super Fancy Version

We’ll start with 1: Magic Pancake

Ingredients, all measurements below are rough, you can chuck in how much or little you want (except the egg, they come in one’s):

1 egg

1 tablespoon of creme fraiche

3 and a half table spoons of porridge oats (more of less)

Put the egg and creme fraiche in a bowl, mix together. Add the porridge oats, mix together. Put a little butter in a small pan – cook on one side till golden brown, repeat on the other side. Serve on a plate and drizzle (good cooking word) maple syrup all over it. You don’t have to do this (but much nicer if you do) and you can use runny honey if you want et …voila!

2. Fancy Version

Same as above but put a handful of raspberries on top before you put the maple syrup on – you can use any berries really. See picture.

3. Super Fancy Version

Same as above but just before you put it in the pan throw a small handful of blueberries into the mix, stir them in and then pop in the pan.
That’s it – try it and enjoy it!

I always love writing these blogs but never seem to have the time to do them. They are always at the bottom of the list to do (not being so savvy with the social media “how it can change your business” school of thought!). Before I know it, it’s September – I have to get something up on the blog!

This September we have a new upper in our summer footwear team – The September Sparkle

A shimmer delight for that September Smile


Available in Black and Truffle for one month only! A simple leather strap with a diamante design.

We often get asked if the Barefoot Slinks can be worn on the Slinks bases. Unfortunately not, well, not yet! We are working on it.


This time of year is usually my favourite. The sun is shining, people are out on their bikes and there is much feet action and frivolity! This year, no such thing here in London. No sun = fewer people in Slinks – so we just love the sun! I grew up in lovely, hot Madrid and remember endless summers of running around barefoot, jumping in and out of the pool, delicious barb-b-q (eaten with your fingers of course) and fun and freedom all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love London, but most of all, it is the people. The buildings, things to do and the weather I must say, after 10 years is a little draining but… the people?! My walk to work should technically take me 2 minutes, it usually tales me about 5 times that time, we’re still only talking about just over 10 minutes.

I’ll mention the first of my encounters on route… the lovely Mina. Mina works in the launderette, she doesn’t speak a lot of English but we have great chats – she also double’s up as the best eyebrow threader in London (this is meant to be a closely guarded secret but if you live in North London drop me an email to and I’ll let you in on it). You’re smuggled into the back room where you perch yourself on a pile of washing, it’s soft and comfy, and the threading begins…

There is a host of people to meet and great and nationalities to get to know. I have also managed to furnish a great deal of my studio from my walk to work.

The table – Thank you to Aziz for my table from The Triangle restaurant.

The gorgeous Moroccan wooden table from The Triangle restaurant, a duck egg blue dresser a simple ‘not loved any more by previous owner’ item, a leather sofa and an array of crisp boxes (from Londis) beautifully covered by my mother to create a wall of pattern and colour.


I am going to sound a little like a Susie homemaker from a DIY series but… A few crisp boxes, free wallpaper samples (homebase, B&Q etc.) and a very patient and talented mother is all you need!

The Sofa – A little bit of tlc was needed but not much.












Small business always have to think of money and what is the priority to spend it on. For me, the two most important things to date were the website and good quality stock. Though creating a happy and beautiful work space is also vital. A place where clients can come, where you can work successfully, where you can have business meetings and spend endless weekends is a must and unfortunately for now, has to be done on a small budget.

We think we’ve done rather well! Let us know what you think.
Jane x


I have been confused for the last couple of months about what the Sinks blog should be about. I keep on getting told to write something at least every two weeks, at the same time keep on top of twitter, facebook, pinterest etc. Where do I find time to actually work on making, designing, shipping, beading, meetings, dealing with real customers etc. for Slinks?! I’d imagined the blog would be about shoes/shopping/fashion and letting you all know what the upper of the month was going to be. I want it to be a behind the scenes, an honest account of a day in the life of Slinks. I have been doing Slinks full time now for nearly three years and it’s hard. Running your own company you feel very alone but if you take a day off or have a bad day nothing gets done, I mean nothing. (I’ll fill you in on being stranded on an island “due to rough seas” next time…) There is no one to fall back on. You have to be the coffee girl, the managing director, the designer, the post office girl, all wrapped into one with a huge smile on your face. Don’t get me wrong, I do love it and wouldn’t change it but every now and then it hits you.

A friend of mine who also runs her own company, a lovely lass and has the same ups and downs as I do, recently broke up with her boyfriend of two years. He was a lovely lad, having declined a kiss from Steve Jones and a invite to the ball by Prince Edward I’ve met a few!

It’s hard breaking up and no amount of feng shushi (Feng Shui, sushi sounds much more fun), crystal balls, horoscope reading and rain dances will bring him back for her. I went through a bad break up once myself and if Zoe Ball was the Queen of Everything (Stylist) she would put love and heartbreak on the curriculum “Everyone needs to fall in love but once you’ve been through heartbreak you can cope with the rest of your life”. But, on a positive note I have solutions. Solutions that make the time passing a better time and once the time passes a bit she will feel better. I’ve written this for her but it applies to all…

Rule one: Keep active, I mean physically active. Run, get outside in the air, those endorphins once released really do make you feel better. Tire yourself out so you sleep.

Rule Two: Do things. I remember a few years ago I left Madrid to come back to London. My adorable little nieces were there from Australia and we had a long, tearful, emotional goodbye. I got to the airport and my flight was cancelled, I had another night in Madrid. I came back to the house expecting a joyous welcome. “We were having a nice time without you” I was greeted with. Good for you girls. Pick yourself up and get one with having fun. Sitting around being miserable won’t bring them back and if they do come back at least you’ve had fun in the meantime!

Rule three: Cry. Cry whenever you want to, with whoever you want. We are human and supposed to cry. Do make sure you drink lots of water to replace your tears.

Rule four: Text or call him if you want to (within reason!). Don’t harass the poor fella but after a few years with someone, cutting off completely is heartbreaking. On top of the break up you don’t want to feel like they have died. They loved you for a reason and you will always be special to them as they will to you. You might move on but there is no point in loosing a friend on top of a partner.

Rule five: Don’t learn by your mistakes. Be you again and again. Never change or wish you hadn’t done that, or said that. You should be loved for you with all your imperfections. If that one wasn’t right, the next one will be and if he’s not then the one after that, or after that…

Dance through the tears girls (and boys)

Jane x


Just a short one… We are happy to have received a shipment of Slinks into snowy London. We might not be wearing them tomorrow but we will get them uploaded onto the website as soon as possible.




We are not necessarily big believers in the whole 14th February… but any excuse to LOVE or be LOVED we are big fans of!
This month we have especially designed a delight! Barefoot Slinks made from corals, garnet, faceted crystals and czech glass… yum!
Handmade in London, so every pair is a tiny bit different.
We love them!
We hope you do too – drop us an email fi you have any questions:

Hello and welcome to 2012! I hope you had a great Christmas and New year. Things are storming ahead at the Slinks HQ for the start of 2012 and we have lots of exciting plans. We are branching into Slinks Australia (yep, the weather is slightly better there) and Mike will be heading that up.

Our launch before Christmas of Barefoot Slinks was a huge success, my hands have never done so much beading trying to fulfill the orders but we hope we had lots of happy ladies and girls on Christmas day.

We have a new delivery coming in at the end of January so I thought it was time for Slinks to have our first ever sale. We have never done one before so we are just a little excited about it all…. up to 25% off selected items!

* Barefoot Slinks are not in the sale unfortunately.
Happy Shopping!
Jane x

Well, according to all reports summer is arriving in London today. We are all thrilled at the prospect of an ‘Indian Summer” if only for a couple of days. This all means people can keep their feet out for longer and keep on changing their Slinks uppers.

I myself went swimming in a river in Chelmsford at the weekend, a place called Utling, right behind a darling little church. Let me know if you want directions, I’d highly recommend it for a taste of the south of France in the UK (though a little colder!)



Yes, we can hardly believe it ourselves! After four loooong months the new website is up and running.
Hopefully not too many teething problems, if you do have trouble at all let us know and we’ll fix it.
So sorry it has taken so long, we really appreciate your patience. We’ll keep you updated and let us know what you think.
Thank you, thank you!