Us Londoners are always complaining about the weather. Too cold, too snowy, too much rain, we never seem to be happy and now we are officially complaining about the heat. Who’d have thought a designer of a sandal company would be saying it’s too hot in London? The hotter the better for us saleswise but we are cooking! Our little studio is in a beautiful little mews in the North of London, lovely wooden beams, big windows to let all the sun stream in, sky lights for even more light and sun… right now, it is like an oven. We’ve just heard the week is getting hotter and with Hampstead Ponds a stones throw away we might just have to shut the studio doors and go for a dip – who’s coming?


Feeling Spooky!

We’ve worked out an outfit for you tonight… simple, chic and classy. No messy face paints and you can wear it all afterwards too – well, maybe not the ears too often. Have fun x


A selection of 10 pics of Slinks travelling the world – oh so jealous! The worst part of our job is sitting here looking through them all and selecting our favourite. Whilst we are ever so glad you send them in… and we never want you to stop… and we are very happy for you all… we sometimes wish we were you!

Happy browsing!

Special thanks to the following (to name a few) for their super photos:








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Jane x

We sent the amazing travel blogger Hannah from GettingStamped a pair of Slinks and some interchangeable uppers a couple of years ago. We just checked her instagram feed and saw that 2 years later, the lovely Hannah is still wearing her Slinks – we are thrilled!

We thought we’d share her review again and some recent pictures of her wearing Slinks…enjoy!

Hannah @gettingstamped 2


by Hannah @gettingstamped

When you’re trying to pack light it’s always a struggle with what shoes to bring. It’s hard to only pick a pair or two that go with a week or two worth of outfits. On our 2 year round-the-world trip I only have 2 pairs of sandals in our bags. Over the past 21 months of traveling I have had to replace a bunch of sandals. Currently I only have a black pair and a tan pair. Neither pair are cute & dressy, they are practical & comfortable for long distance walking. In my pre-travel life I would have a cute sparkly pair, gold pair, hot pink ones, just about a fun pair for every outfit… lately my feet looked sad. All I needed was a pair of the best travel sandals out there…

Enter Slinks

Slinking abroad, Best travel sandals

Slinking abroad, Best travel sandals

Interchangeable sandals, what a brilliant idea! Slinks reached out to me and offered to send me a pair of slinks and a few interchangeable upper bands to try out. I couldn’t say no once I saw how cute they were. About time the best travel sandals have been produced.

How Do Slinks Work?

Getting stamped

You purchase a base sandal, either a flat sandal or a wedge. The base sandals come in black, tan, white, bronze, and silver. I picked out two flat sandals, a white & silver base. Then you match interchangeable upper bands that can be worn with any base sandal. Slinks is constantly adding new new designs and colors, so you can keep your sandals up to date by just purchasing new upper bands.

Swapping the upper bands takes no more than a minute. Just snap off the old one and snap on the new one. Each upper comes with a cute slinks bag, so it will always have a home.

The Verdict

We recently just took a trip to Langkawi, Malaysia and the only sandals I brought were Slinks. I wore them all day, every day. They were awesome, I was able to wear my sliver sparkly ones for our fancy dinner at The Andaman and make them more casual during they daytime. I could have easily explored Bangkok and walked 10 miles a day in Slinks.

I now have 2 pairs of sandals that convert into 6! Plus I can make that into many more with a few more uppers. Looking forward to adding more fashionable upper bands in the future. Slinks truly are the best travel sandals on the market.


Thank you Slinks for sending two pairs to try out, as always opinions are my own

The new Lucia Slinks Sandal Uppers are simply delicious! Exquisite Italian trim made in suede and small gold bead trim up and down the sides. They come in a subtle army green and a strong royal purple

Summer sandals

A simple asymmetrical style to create the ultimate sexy Roman sandal style! Our interchangeable sandals are perfect for the traveller who likes fashion and travel (two of our great loves!)

interchangeable sandals

Roman sandals

Sexy sandals

All hand made in our London studio by skilled craftsmen #handmadeintheuk


Our new bases with a front strap are out and they are clever! Our wedge sandals come in Black and our gorgeous Nude. The question is “How do I wear my uppers I already have on these fabulous new bases?”. It is so simple, yet a technical masterpiece!

wedge sandalsThe bases can be worn with a simple strap around the ankle, leaving the front part of your foot bare with the strap across the front of your toes. This style eliminates the toe post and holds the foot very secure in the slightly higher heel.Best interchangeable sandalsBut… they can also be worn with all the uppers that work on the toe post. The secret is under the front strap that goes across the toes. We have engineered a super strong, soft ribbon that holds your uppers in place. Ribbon Shot for Slinks

You simply slip the front section of your upper through and fold back and pop closed the same way you do with the current styles.

How wedge bases work Slinks

Simple right? And super comfortable, see we told you it was clever.

Devilishly clever, always x


We love a gal with get up and go here so when we were contacted by Laura, a super lovely travel blogger from Completing my Bucket List we couldn’t say no. Laura lives in a small town in the north of Scotland with her husband and pet rabbits.  Back in 2012 she was depressed, overweight, in a dead end job and doing nothing with her life.  She decided she was the only person who could change this!  She started off with a bungee jump and since then has been trying to figure out who she is, and what she wants to do in life by working through her ever growing bucket list.

We sent her some Slinks to try out and she’ll be parading them around the streets of Portugal in May – we’ll keep you posted.

“I remember the days when I used to pack a large suitcase for a one week beach vacation.  Far too many outfits and shoes which would never get worn, and just made it a hassle for traveling. Now I’ve mastered the art of packing light, but with these Slinks Sandals you don’t even miss out on having many changes of sandals with you.

With Slinks, you pick your sandal base and add on whichever topper suits your mood at the time.  They arrived in this amazing package, perfect for fitting them in your hand luggage. Three pairs of sandals for the space of one pair of shoes!


Interchangeable sandals in a set

Sandals Set - interchangeable

With casual and dressy styles, there is something to wear for every occasion.  I have these funky animal print ones for during the day, then can switch up to the flowers for going out for dinner.

customisable sandalsAs well as being beautiful they are comfortable as well. Exactly what I need for my week in Portugal in May.

Comfortable sandals

The non-slip soles were the second thing that drew me to Slinks Sandals (after the amazing ideas of switching toppers).  After a pretty bad fall in Mexico in my sandals I wanted something I’d feel secure wearing on my adventures.

SLINKS make it easy… 

  • Perfect for holiday packing
  • Ideal for beach weddings and honeymoons
  • Great for a capsule sunny wardrobe
  • An upper to match every outfit
  • Fit more sandals in your shoe cupboard
  • Less shoes in landfills
  • Over time, replace your bases and keep your upper collection
  • Be stylish on your city break with hand luggage only
  • Day or evening? Heels or flats? All our uppers fit on both!

I love these sandals, and they’ve made warm vacation packing so much easier for me.  I’ll be sharing photos of these out in action on our trip in May.  But until then, to find out more about Slinks head over to

Read more here

Thank you Laura, safe and happy travels girl!




A lot of things come in pairs – our black leather bases, our taupe leather bases even our wedge bases come in pairs. All of our uppers come in pairs… in fact everything we sell, we sell in pairs (apart from our Slinks silk bags, they come as one but you can buy two!)

One thing that does not come in pairs or halves is people. “Please feel free to bring your other half” or “how is your better half doing?”. The sublime Jennifer Aniston put it perfectly:

“We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies. That decision is ours and ours alone. Let’s make that decision for ourselves and for the young women in this world who look to us as examples. Let’s make that decision consciously, outside of the tabloid noise. We don’t need to be married or mothers to be complete. We get to determine our own “happily ever after” for ourselves.”

So this 14th February we want to remind you all that you are one, with or without a partner, with or without a child, with or without a loving family around you – you are one whole person, aren’t you lucky!

Much love x


Our little Miss Mia in orange flew off our shelves. It came in a bright orange with gold Italian trim. A lot of our Silver folk out there were not impressed “where are the silver version they cried”. We listened and we produced.

Made with the same Italian trim (but in silver) we opted for a navy blue leather for the main colour – this combination works really well with the white sandal base, the taupe sandal base and the silver sandal base. Having tried and tested it in the summer we have now restocked and have it here for you.How to make the most of Slinks


You can of course wear our super summer sandals with everything; we’ve put together a little outfit to give lovely Audrey a run for her money as she scooters around Rome.

Wear our blue and silver interchangeable sandals with jeans and a fitted white peplum top, delightfully demure dahling! Accessorise simply with a navy and orange scarf to complement the sandals (also looks great with our Mia in orange) and a jaunty silver handbag.

Look no further for a sassy summer outfit!


We wrote a blog last year on 20 tips to make your life better, we haven’t stuck by all of them (cold showers are a little tricky to take in the deepest depths of winter) but we have done a few and guess what? They are working! We thought we’d share them again this year as we believe in them so strongly.

We are always striving to improve ourselves, be better people and be happy. Here are 2o simple things to make your life better and feel satisfied for the little things  – 2017 here we come…

  1. 15 min of yoga every morning. This doesn’t have to be technical rule based yoga. Make up some simple stretches and basic movements to get your body ‘day ready’. Breathe and relax and give yourself time in the morning.
  2. Eat protein in the morning. Greek yoghurt, poached eggs, smoked salmon, wheatgerm, quinoa.
  3. Write down and clear your emotions for 5min in the morning. Get an A4 piece of paper and fill one side with thoughts, things that are niggling away at you. Get them down on paper and then then throw it away so you can start the day productively and focused.
  4. Don’t check emails or social media before you are ready. Check them when you get to work, be proactive not reactive. You decided when your morning ‘you time’ is over.
  5. Cut out caffeine.
  6. Stop consuming refined sugar – basically anything that has too many labels or packaging.
  7. Follow your morning shower with a burst of cold water. Start with your legs and arms, then splash your face and the front of your body – then brave it, turn around put your back under and give a little yelp of delight. Cold showers burn fat, increase alertness and lift your mood (a known treatment for depression). Also increases immunity, circulation and makes your hair and skin pretty.
  8. Go to bed early as much as possible, I’m talking 10.30pm folks.
  9. Say ‘no’ to things you’re not interested in.
  10. Consume a tablespoon of coconut oil once a day.
  11. Have no more than three things on your list to achieve that day. When you do them you will feel more satisfied rather than a long list of 30 things that you can’t possible achieve in one day.
  12. Do at least 30min of exercise per day (you can count your 15 min of yoga as half of this). Get out for a brisk walk, jog, run. Do some sit-ups at home, turn the music up and dance like no one is watching. Anything – you’ll get your heart rate up and release those dolphins (endorphins).
  13. Stop internet, social media, emails. Anything on a computer, phone, laptop for at least 24 hrs once a week.
  14. Make one audacious request per week. People won’t know what you want unless you ask them. You never know they might say yes!
  15. Floss you teeth at least three times a week.
  16. Remove all non-essentials from your life. Possessions should be useful or beautiful, if they are neither get rid of them.
  17. Make a realistic bucket list (you can make a dream one too) do one thing on your list once a month.
  18. Eat fresh and raw one day a week.
  19. Be kind to people. Not only is this good for them it will make you feel better.
  20. Drink water, lots of it, every day.

HAPPY 2017.

With much love x

Photo used from AgileLeanLife.

Just in time! We had a small run of these lovely summer sandals in the summer and they sold out before we even had a chance to pop them up on

We have just had a new batch of our Karla sandal uppers arrive and have them up and ready on the website for Santa to buy and to pop in your Christmas stocking. The size will fit, the comfort will be great and the look and quality supreme. What’s not to love?

neutral-sandals-from-slinksStunning Italian style sandal that looks great with jeans or a dress. It is beautifully simple but never fails to get noticed. It is simply a great neutral summer sandal and it is available in black too!


This month we want (please!)

Going from sunny days to slightly cooler days is always a bit of a tricky one. You never know what the weather is going to be like. Too hot for tights (and they don’t look good with sandals!) and too cold for sleeveless tops and short skirts. What’s a girl to do? We’ve picked our three favourite items this September and we’re ready to hit the shops!  3 items for your transition wardrobe…

Item 1: Frilled Sleeved blouse – at £59.99 from Zara

Zara have launched their #joinlife collection, a collection that embraces a woman who looks into a more sustainable future. This top is just divine, made from 60% lyocell and 40% polyester, it falls beautifully and teaming it up with jeans and slinks is that perfect relaxed chic look.



Item 2: Jeans (Josefina Spring Valley) – at £210.00 from 7 for all mankind

A little on the pricey side but if you’re anything like us, you’ll live in your jeans so a worthwhile investment. We wear them morning, noon and night and with the Zara top you can wear them all day or mix with a plain white T-shirt, a sexy loose blouse or a sparkly top for evening. We always think a slight turn up gives them a more autumnal feel – is it hot or cold – let your ankles decide!



Item 3: Frayed crop jacket  – at £85.00 from Hush

A long standing fan of this style of jacket, from when Coco launched it onto the scene. It is the perfect between seasons jacket. It smartens up an outfit without looking dreary and frumpy (the “I’ve just put on a sensible jacket as it’s a bit chilly” look we don’t want). This jacket is a killer and will make you look (and more importantly be) “I’m a can do anything woman”!what-to-wear-this-season


Obviously any good outfit is paired with the perfect sandals, though winter might be coming soon, we have still had the hottest September on record and still coming so we hear, so do keep this toes out a little longer!

interchangeable-sandals-from-slinksFirstly our long standing favourite the Lily’s in black. The jeans, white top and black jacket will compliment these beautifully for a slightly more dressed up look. The beading (as we are sure you are aware by now) is all hand done to the highest standard, making these the ideal evening sandals.

Secondly we have suggested the JaJa Taylor the most sexy gladiator sandals you will come across. Soft and silky fabric ties, that can be wrapped, knotted or tied in a sumptuous bow. These look super with the jeans and add a bit of colour whilst not being too much.

Thirdly comes in one of all time best sellers, the Cecilia. This upper is designed for the gal who walks to work, runs up the steps of the tube or jumps on a boris bike if the mood should take her. We love the denim and black and white look and this looks simply stunning with this Zara top and jeans – you can’t go wrong for comfort and style.





Having your feet in top notch condition is not only good for your overall health (yes, it is, we promise!) it is good for your mental wellbeing too. Going to the beauticians once a week can get a little pricey so here at Slinks we’ve put together the best DIY pedicure in town for free. You can’t wear your favourite pair of sandals without making sure your feet are in tip top condition!

Here we go, enjoy!

  1. Using a foot file dry rub your heel and lightly around the edge of your feet. You should see a little shower of tiny snowflakes coming off your feet (heels mainly). Rub your hands over your feet and check they are smooth and soft.foot-file-for-the-perfect-at-home-pedicure2. Remove any nail polish and then add a spoonful of rough seasalt and a dash of olive oil to a basin of warm water. Submerge your feet, close your eyes and sit back and relax for 10 minutes. The warm water, salt and oil will help soften skin and cuticles.

slinks-foot-bath3. Use a pair of nail scissors or clippers to trim your toenails straight across so they’re about even with the top of your toes. Then use an emery board to softly smooth off the outer edges of each nail.nail-shape-for-the-perfect-pedicure4. Pour a dash of olive oil in your hand and a tiny handful of the rough salt and massage into each foot (out of the water). Rub between the toes and all over the tops and bottom of feet and slightly up the ankle.oil-and-salt-scrub-for-feet5. Slip them back into the water (rinse the salt and oil off they’ll still be a little oily – this is good) for another 5 minutes. Then take them out and wrap in a towel. Sit back again and relax …


6. Using a wooden orange stick, clean around the nails and push the cuticles back. Pop your feet in and out of the water to wash anything off. Take your feet out and dry gently.

How to do the perfect at home pedicure

7. Lock in moisture by rubbing on a rich cream, any good cream you have at home will be fine or some coconut oil from the kitchen. Make sure to give them a good massage, your feet will love you for it and you’ll be a happier person.


It is good to sometimes leave your nails without polish when you can but if you want to polish..

Dip the brush into your polish, and wipe off excess. Place brush in the middle of your nail at the cuticle line, and pull it toward the tip. Repeat on the sides, don’t go too close to the edges or too close to the cuticles. Once you’ve done all your toes and they’ve had a couple of minutes to dry, repeat the polish process and then finish with a top coat to prevent chips.

We’ve teamed up some of our favourite nail polishes with some of our favourite styles of Slinks!

Our simple gladiator sandals are perfect! We like to add that extra sassines with a bight red cherry picking splash of colour.



Our pompom sandals are enough in themselves, getting loving comments wherever they go. We like to keep the polish simple with a french pedicure (little more tricky to do at home, but you’ll get there!)



Our hand beaded diamante sandals are an absolute delight and we couldn’t choose whether to go bright or subdued with these. In the end we opted for this stunning metallic polish finish just to add more to our little tootsies (we’d wear this with a simple plain dress or rolled up jeans and a t-shirt but you go as crazy as you like).

metallic-sandals-to-match-your-toesSend us in your pics of Slinks with polish, here are a couple we’ve received already!

summer-sandals-with-matching-nail-polishHappy Pedicuring to you!

Some say that the eyes are the mirrors to the soul, however, other body parts are mirrors to our personality… There is a psychological theory that the shape of our body is also a language of our unconscious mind. Be that as it may, this is what some say the shape of your toes says about your character.

  • We are not podiatrists but we have let you know what style of Slinks we think would suit you foot shape.


These little tootsies represent a creative personality. People with this shape of feet are very smart and always find creative solutions to any problem. However, sometimes, due to insecurity, they leave their work undone.

*Lovely symmetrical toes deserve to wear our Helena’s super, simple and sassy – let your creative personality shine! These simple summer sandals are the ones for you.

Slinks Pair Helena Truff


People with this type of feet are energetic. They have significant creative potential, they are strong and other people find security within these people.

*If you are the energetic type, you’ll be running around the place all day, Our Cecilia’s are the ones for you my dear No.2’s. Our new uber padded and comfortable sandal bases with these strappy sandal uppers will go with you all the way.


HK2 WHT Cecilia_23

This type of feet indicate strong leadership qualities. One of the main loves of these people is success in their career. However, there is one thing that can derail them from their purpose: They crave for incredible perfectionism! It’s an interesting fact that there is an Indian Legend which says that mothers did not allow their sons to marry women where the second toe on the foot is longer than the others. It was considered a sign of a commanding character.

  • Rumour has it that if your second toe is longer than your big toe you are descended from royalty. Rather than a commanding character, let’s call you Regal! The only summer sandals for you are our Lily’s. These pretty sparkly sandals are right on point for you.

Tuff Lily close up


People with this shape of toes are lucky, their greatest value comes from their family and close friends. Owners of this type are characterised by the ability to listen to others and identify with the other party. Sometimes they wear everything on their heart and get too emotional. This kind of empathy is often not useful and needs some work to be done to control it.

*Family and friends are vital to you and maybe you don’t put yourself first often enough – you should treat yourself and there is no better way than with our Lalay’s. A simple hand beaded sandal upper which look great on our wedge sandals too.

J23 SLV Lalay


These type of people talk about ambition but they sometimes lack a little responsibility. A person which such toes is fun and engaging but sometimes naïve like a child.

  • ” Naïve like a child”? There is no better way to be in our books. Life can get too complicated the older you get and we should all revert to our inner fun more often. For you my dear No. 5 we have selected a favourite summer sandal here. The delight of the Lulu is for you. Enjoy!
Which toes do you have?
What the shape of your toes say about your character...

What the shape of your toes say about your character…


NOTE: Some sections taken from


We love a good heartwarming story here at Slinks and nothing better than humans being kind to humans. We read this earlier today and it brought a smile to our face and hope it does to you too. We love travelling and having adventures and we’re delighted to see this little fellow having them too!

“A little boy was recently left heartbroken after losing his favorite toy elephant. However, his parents came up with a brilliant plan. They told their son that his cuddly buddy wasn’t missing at all and that he’d simply decided to go and travel the world.

They posted a picture of the toy elephant and called upon the internet’s army of Photoshop geniuses to superimpose their son’s missing toy into as many exotic locations as possible. The internet answered the call in the most awesome way ever. Take a look at the pictures below to see what we mean.”in-antartica








sakura-photo-slinksShare the smiles!

The biggest news in our happy studio is that we have a new addition. His name is Caldey and he is a delight. A bit of a mix of breeds, Jack Russell, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese and not quite sure what else. We are totally smitten. I personally have never been a real dog person, I never petted every dog in the street, I wasn’t that interested when friends showed me pictures of their dogs, never watched you tube videos of dogs pretending to talk or running in their sleep but this one has got me.

The neighbours had a litter of puppies, 2 girls and a boy. He literally landed on my lap one day whilst chatting in the living room with my sister and some friends and hasn’t really left.

He is named after an island on the coast of Wales, Caldey Island. My father used to go there when he was young as a sort of summer camp. The island has about 40 inhabitants and about 14 of those are monks. It is beautiful.

He has changed our lives and we couldn’t be more thankful.

(We are yet to see if he is any good at designing shoes!)

Follow us on Instagram to see him grow.



Whether your single or dating, a night out this weekend (for the night of lurrve) is on the cards. It is the weekend after all! We’re here to help with your locks…

We’ve always coveted those gorgeous tousled waves you see about on those luscious ladies, who saunter around with perfectly sexy, just got out of bed, sensuous waves. How do they do it?

Well, we are here to tell you in the simplest of ‘waves’…

We were lucky enough to see the super talented George Northwood do a talk called “The Art of Tonging” (try explaining that to your loved one – “No darling, ‘tonging’ not tonguing! “

There are a few key things you need.

Must haves:

ghd curve classic curl tong – £120 (be careful with fingers and ears they get HOT)

Pureology Smoothing Serum – About £17.50 (depends where you buy it)



If you want to go that little extra:

Thermal heat protection spray (Redken)

Windblown 05 (Redken)– dry textured spray

Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo (Redken)

Fabricate 03 (again Redken) – adds the perfect amount of texture while protecting the hair from heat damage and makes the curls last longer




  1. Wash your hair, shampoo, condition with usual products in usual way.
  2. Towel dry
  3. Put a small dollop of smoothing serum into your hand and rub together and smooth though hair (use thermal spray now if you want too).

Slinks hair

HOW TO DRY THE HAIR: Rough dry with your fingers and a hairdryer. No need for brushes. Try and ‘surprise’ the hair, sweep it up and around in all directions.Try and give it body towards the back of the head, lifting the fingers (like a cat pawing or revving a motor bike). Flat dry towards the front of the head, so gently pulling the fringe and side of the hair (around the face) down and in towards the face. This will help get rid of cowlicks and Lara Fawcett winged curls.

HOW TO TONG: When dry get your tongs out and separate into about 1” sections. I usually start at the back and work my way around (I find using a mirror when actually tonging confusing as it is all back to front so I do it by feel). Wrap the hair up and around AND down and around so alternating the curl. Leave about 1” of the hair out of the tong at the root and the same at the end of the hair this will give it a more natural look. With the section around your face, the hair that frames the face tong in towards the face so the curls are coming in not out (again avoiding Ms Fawcett look)

LITTLE TIP: If you want slightly less bouncy curls give the section of hair you have just taken out of the tongs a little pull when it comes out to give it a total natural look – I personally prefer the wilder, bouncier curls! You can lift section of the hair and spray the dry shampoo right in at the root, this will give it more lift and make it last longer.

If you want to do more: Give you hair a once over with Windblown 05.

You are now even more beautiful! x

We wanted to tell you a little more about TreasurePods and why we make them…

We believe in beauty, simplicity and love. It is not the value of the item but what it represents and more importantly how it makes you feel. Remember going home from university and the smell of your parent’s house, how the sound or feel of something would bring back a whoosh of a memory or how a picture takes you right back to that day. That warm feeling, that rush of remembrance and love that surrounds you. I want you to keep that with you always. That is why we make TreasurePods.

It all started many years ago in the form of a dress, a dress based around memories. A ball dress with hundreds of small organza see-through pockets, each one containing a piece of something special, a memory, a belonging of someone loved, an item that gave that warm rush of remembrance.

TreasurePods dress

Made in the heart of the historic jewellery quarter in Birmingham each locket is individually made, finished and polished by hand. Our main locket expert, Stan, has been making lockets for nearly 60 years, having made the celebratory lockets for the Queens silver jubilee, he is a true craftsman.Stan

The lockets are hallmarked sterling silver, 18 carat gold vermeil or 9 carat solid gold with domed mineral glass — making them very strong and safe. They can be opened and closed for you to enclose your own collection of memories or birthstones to give you that tingle of love that is unique to you.

IMG_2462 Done 2

Silver treasure pods

IMG_2601 1000

IMG_2584 1000

Our chains are all handmade in London and come with our signature key to symbolize the importance of keeping your treasures safe.

IMG_2489 1000

Have a look at our sister website and let us know what you think of our other product.

You can also read what some other people have put in their TreasurePods on our stories page here

What do you treasure? Let us know! x

We are always striving to improve ourselves, be better people and be happy. Here are 2o simple things to make your life better and feel satisfied for the little things  – 2016 here we come…

  1. 15 min of yoga every morning. This doesn’t have to be technical rule based yoga. Make up some simple stretches and basic movements to get your body ‘day ready’. Breathe and relax and give yourself time in the morning.
  2. Eat protein in the morning. Greek yoghurt, poached eggs, smoked salmon, wheatgerm, quinoa.
  3. Write down and clear your emotions for 5min in the morning. Get an A4 piece of paper and fill one side with thoughts, things that are niggling away at you. Get them down on paper and then then throw it away so you can start the day productively and focused.
  4. Don’t check emails or social media before you are ready. Check them when you get to work, be proactive not reactive. You decided when your morning ‘you time’ is over.
  5. Cut out caffeine.
  6. Stop consuming refined sugar – basically anything that has too many labels or packaging.
  7. Follow your morning shower with a burst of cold water. Start with your legs and arms, then splash your face and the front of your body – then brave it, turn around put your back under and give a little yelp of delight. Cold showers burn fat, increase alertness and lift your mood (a known treatment for depression). Also increases immunity, circulation and makes your hair and skin pretty.
  8. Go to bed early as much as possible, I’m talking 10.30pm folks.
  9. Say ‘no’ to things you’re not interested in.
  10. Consume a tablespoon of coconut oil once a day.
  11. Have no more than three things on your list to achieve that day. When you do them you will feel more satisfied rather than a long list of 30 things that you can’t possible achieve in one day.
  12. Do at least 30min of exercise per day (you can count your 15 min of yoga as half of this). Get out for a brisk walk, jog, run. Do some sit-ups at home, turn the music up and dance like no one is watching. Anything – you’ll get your heart rate up and release those dolphins (endorphins).
  13. Stop internet, social media, emails. Anything on a computer, phone, laptop for at least 24 hrs once a week.
  14. Make one audacious request per week. People won’t know what you want unless you ask them. You never know they might say yes!
  15. Floss you teeth at least three times a week.
  16. Remove all non-essentials from your life. Possessions should be useful or beautiful, if they are neither get rid of them.
  17. Make a realistic bucket list (you can make a dream one too) do one thing on your list once a month.
  18. Eat fresh and raw one day a week.
  19. Be kind to people. Not only is this good for them it will make you feel better.
  20. Drink water, lots of it, every day.

HAPPY 2016.

With much love x


THREE Iconic Woman – we love what they have to say…listen!

Rita Levi-Montalcini (1909-2012) Italian neurologist lived to 103 years active for all and working for most.

She won the Nobel Prize (Physiology/Medicine) for her discovery of nerve growth factor. Inspiring for all women.

LISTEN: “I tell young people: Do not think of yourself, think of others. Think of the future that awaits you, think about what you can do and do not fear anything. Do not fear the difficulties: I’ve had many in the past and I crossed without fear, with total indifference for myself”


Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)

Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)

Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014) American author, poet, and civil rights activist. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, and several books of poetry, and was credited with a list of plays, movies, and television shows spanning over 50 years. She received dozens of awards and more than 50 honorary degrees.

Through a dreadful experience at the age of eight *, Angelou became mute for almost five years, Apparently it was during this period of silence when Angelou developed her extraordinary memory, her love for books and literature, and her ability to listen and observe the world around her.

LISTEN: “You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.”

*At the age of eight, Angelou was sexually abused and raped by her mother’s boyfriend, a man named Freeman. She told her brother, who told the rest of their family. Freeman was found guilty but was jailed for only one day. Four days after his release, he was murdered, probably by Angelou’s uncle. Angelou believed she had killed him “I thought, my voice killed him; I killed that man, because I told his name. And then I thought I would never speak again, because my voice would kill anyone …”


Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)

Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962) American politician, diplomat, and activist. Longest serving First Lady of the United States. She was the first presidential spouse to hold press conferences, write a syndicated newspaper column, and speak at a national convention. On a few occasions, she publicly disagreed with her husband’s policies. She advocated for expanded roles for women in the workplace:

LISTEN: “I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn their back on life.”

Here at Slinks and TreasurePods we feel you can always learn from those that have come before. Treasure every moment and learn.


We were asked by the super fabulous Erin Bender from Travel with Bender if she could review Slinks, we were delighted – such a fabulous traveller and the mother behind the Bender family who have travelled to over 65+ countries and The world’s #1 family travel blog.

Here is what she said:

“The bane of my nomadic travel existence has been the inability to carry more shoes.

With limited suitcase space, my shoes are constantly vying with other clothing and essentials for an available spot. And hence I carry only 1 pair of sneakers, and 1 pair of thongs (flip flops). And that’s it.

I know, I know. I’m a savage.

Then I heard about Slinks through a friend’s blog and thought perhaps my prayers had been answered. Could I really have one pair of shoes that acted as three?


What are Slinks?

Slinks are ingenious interchangeable sandals. This forward-thinking fashion concept involves selecting your favourite coloured sandal base and then mix-and-match a number of sandal uppers to finish it off.

You can pick casual uppers or dressy ones. There are so many different styles that it may be hard to just choose a few.


What I got

The day finally arrived, and my package showed up beautifully wrapped. It was like Christmas.

My first set of Slinks they sent was the Luxury set. It included a beautiful bronze base and three uppers – Lily of the IncasMiss T and a Katie Rose.

A second set included the black base with a Cecilia and Lalay upper.

I found the first base size slightly on the small side so went up a size with the second set. The thick black strap on Cecilia also made a huge difference in stability and comfort – a pretty important travel consideration.


How Do You Wear Them?

The best part about the shoe has to be the design ingenuity. The ability to have 3 or 4 or 10 shoes in one.

You simply choose a base.

Then chose as many uppers as you like.

These uppers can range from a simple T-bone strap to sparkling studded crystals. Each features a press button that closes around the toe post at the front of the shoe and laces through the side loops.

Once looped, they are worn just like regular sandals.


What I like:

  • Three shoes in one – A shoe for every occasion. For walking on the beach, for attending a party or a gala event on a cruise, for hanging out with friends or touring the streets of Rome.
  • Light to carry – the base of any shoe is the heaviest part so requiring only one base means these are much lighter to carry.
  • Compact – the base is quite flat and takes up very little space in your suitcase.
  • Packaging – the gift set is a great idea for any special occasion. Oh, and it’s super pretty too.
  • Compliments – people I meet love these sandals. No one has ever noticed they are the same shoe base and are utterly amazed when I explain how they work.


What I don’t like:

There are relatively few drawbacks that I could complain about. The only things that come to mind are:

  • The base is quite rigid. If you hope to scale a mountain these aren’t hiking boots and if you want to challenge your husband in basketball then these aren’t going to cut it. But then my normal thongs (flip flops) wouldn’t either. But for all day strolling around town, it works just fine.
  • The uppers with thinner buckles were a little fiddly to do up. The first few times I had to get my husband to do it. But now I have the hang of it. Maybe I was just out of practice not having used buckled sandals for a couple years.


Final Word

For every woman who has tired of wearing the same shoes every day on vacation, or suffered the anxiety of only owning a pair of sandals for that fancy date night, this is the solution. While it has its strengths and weaknesses, Slinks cover a multitude of situations when you’re exploring a new exotic destination. And don’t forget the space saved in you luggage means even room for vacation shopping. And what woman doesn’t love that?”

Price: from £65/set

Where to buy: Slinks

*All our reviews are honest, unedited and unpaid for. Let us know if you’d like to review Slinks at

Choosing the right pairs of shoes to take on holiday to make sure that you’re covered for all scenarios is always a tricky one to master. Even harder, if you have narrowed down your options, we all know how hard it can be trying to squeeze too many pairs of shoes into the corners of a tiny suitcase. No fear, Slinks has the answer. Our devilishly clever sandal designs allow you to choose from a selection of bases and match your chosen base with as many uppers as you like! A great way of saving you space and hassle.

Here at Slinks we’ve taken a hypothetical beach and sightseeing holiday to Santorini with your girlfriends to demonstrate how to wear only one pair of shoes in 7 different scenarios. We’ve taken the white Slinks base and teamed it with 7 different uppers to get you through your holiday.

White Base R side view1. To the beach
For a simple option to wear to the beach we suggest the Miss T Slinks Upper in coral. This upper features a leather T-bar style which is guaranteed to go with everything and can be easily slipped on and off when you reach the sand.

Slinks Santa Monice beach

2. Sightseeing
For an option that is going to look great in all your sightseeing photographs we have chosen the Lady Ellen Slinks Upper. This upper turns your base into an ultra glamorous gladiator that will take you through the day and into the night. The bottom strap threads through the loops of your Slinks base and the top strap around your ankle for a secure fit. The soft leather makes this upper extremely comfortable to wear and will provide all-day comfort while you explore your holiday destination.

Megan from Mapping Megan, one of our favourite travel bloggers, jumping for joy in her Slinsk gladiator sandals outside Stanford University.

3. To Dinner
For an evening of fine food and wine we suggest wearing none other than the Adeline Dew Slinks Upper. The highly embellished design of the strap will catch the light and show off your newly tanned skin. This upper is guaranteed to suit any foot!

Slinks out to dinner!

4. On a night out
For a night out there is no better choice than the Lily Slinks Upper. The hand beaded swirl and spiral design will some sparkle to your outfit. This upper also looks stunning on any foot shape.

Dusk Waiting for the train in Finland sandals slinks

5. For a trip to the shops
We all know that a shopping trip requires comfortable footwear in order to be enjoyed. For this scenario we suggest choosing the Helena Slinks Upper which is a simple design that is guaranteed to provide long lasting comfort. This upper will also create a gorgeous two tone look with your white base that looks best teamed with a maxi dress.

Helena Nude leather sandal from Slinks

6. On a date
If you’re lucky enough to bag an impromptu date on your getaway then we suggest the Bella Slinks Upper. This upper is is a girls dream. The design is simple and stylish but the gold ring gives it an edge. This upper will look great with whichever outfit you choose and will have you looking fabulous for your date.


7. To the Airport
For airport chic we suggest pairing your base with the Cecilia Slinks Upper. This upper is an asymmetrical delight. The sleek design will add some style to the simplest of outfits. The upper comes in a red, green and snake print design as well as white so there are plenty of options to choose from.

Slinks, Flip Flops, Summer Flip Flops, Interchangeable Summer Sandals, Best Travel Shoe

We love seeing your combination creations so don’t forget to take snaps of your Slinks holiday options and tag us in your photos! Most importantly, enjoy your unlimited sandal options and make the most of all the extra space in your suitcase by buying more holiday clothes!



Backpacking adventures have become an increasingly popular type of travel – the nature of which often requires us to pack our bags and set off on a trip as a solo traveller. Enjoying your trip is of course a priority but safety needs to be considered and even more so when you’re travelling as a woman on your own. Slinks talks to Brenna of This Battered Suitcase and Char of Taylor Hearts Travel for their top tips on staying safe and enjoying the experience when travelling as a woman on your own.


First of all, are there advantages to travelling on your own?

B: I believe that solo travel allows you to learn a lot about yourself as well as the countries you’re visiting. It allows you do whatever you want, when you want, and it opens you up a lot more to new experiences and meeting new people.

C: You can be a do-er. Don’t dream about that destination or next experience. Just book it, get excited and enjoy it. Don’t wait for a friend to be up for it, as you could be waiting your whole life. Just make a plan and then make it happen.

What are your top tips? How do you stay safe?

B: My top tips for solo female travel are not that different than the tips I’d give a man, nor are they that different from the tips I’d give to someone in big cities like London or New York. Stay aware of your surroundings, and trust your intuition. As each country varies so much, it’s important to do your research and find out about common tourist scams. Remember that most of the world is good, and that most people (99%) are kind and helpful. Don’t let the fear of not staying safe keep you from travelling on your own.

C: Being safe is a priority. This is true no matter what your travel style or whoever you’re with, but you need to particularly aware of your surroundings as a solo female traveller. That pretty beach shack may be a fun drinking spot in the beautiful sunshine, but in the late evening you can easily become vulnerable. You can still go – just make sure you have a safe option for getting home, such as a trusted taxi company.

Are there any places you would recommend for this type of travel?

B: I’d recommend Southeast Asia and South America. As they’re both popular with tourists and backpackers, you meet a lot of other travellers along the way. If you’re a bit nervous to travel through developing countries on your own, I recommend starting with Australia and New Zealand, or Western Europe. Again, both places are quite safe and easy to navigate as a solo traveller.

C: Don’t always follow the crowds. When you’re travelling alone you’ll often meet other travellers, which is great. However, don’t feel like you have to see and do whatever they’re doing for the sake of being with other people. Stay true to yourself and ensure you have the trip you’ve always wanted. If you want to see something that your new friends aren’t fussed about, go without them.

Likewise, are there any destinations you would avoid if you were travelling alone?

B: I think it’s always smart to do your research and know the country you’re visiting. I would obviously avoid countries that are currently undergoing unrest or conflict. However, a lot of countries around the world are actually quite safe for tourists.

Thank you to Brenna and Char for talking with us and sharing their travel tips! We’d love to hear about your adventures if you’ve travelled on your own and remember to share your pictures of Slinks all over the globe!

The  award winning writer and blogger Emily Luxton is on a mission to explore the world through deeper travel. A lover of hiking, sunsets, adventures, culture, & occasional luxury! She is the perfect Slinks wearer – see what she had to say…

“Packing light and travelling in style aren’t two things that go together easily, especially when it comes to shoes. Generally for trips to warmer climes, I’ll allow myself one pair of trainers or walking shoes and just one pair of sandals. Which makes it pretty hard to dress up.

So, when the lovely folks at the “devilishly clever” sandal company Slinks got in touch to tell me about their stylish solution to the shoe packing conundrum, I was all ears. The brand was founded Jane Rafter, a designer who’s passionate about quality and practical but equally beautiful design. She’s combined all of these qualities into Slinks, the interchangeable sandal.

Slinks 3

t’s so simple, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! Slinks sandals are interchangeable, all you have to do is to choose a base and a selection of uppers, and you’ll have lots of lovely options for travel footwear in one. It’s like taking lots of sandals awSlinks poppersay with you, except that you only have to pack one pair! Bases even included a wedge option if you prefer heels to flats – or you could take one of each and still hardly take up any suitcase space.

I opted for a nice black base since that will go with everything, but all the shades are pretty neutral making them super versatile. Choosing the uppers was a lot trickier; there are quite a few options! In the end, I went for the Cecila, a plain leather strap which is perfect for day wear. The thick strap is comfy, creating the perfect sandals for a bit of light sightseeing or chilling out at the beach. Then, if I want to dress the sandals up when night falls, it’s simple. I can swap the Cecila strap for the glitzy Lily of the Incas uppers which are decorated with pretty beaded swirls – creating a whole new sandal. The uppers are held securely in place with two poppers, so it’s really easy to swap them over – but they’re definitely not going to go flying off my feet as I walk.

Slinks 2

My Slinks sandals also come with their own cute cotton bag, which is ideal for travel and means I can stow them safely in my suitcase. The soft leather is comfy and feels really luxurious – these are high quality sandals that really do solve the shoe packing nightmare. I love my Slinks and they make travelling light that little bit more stylish. Beautiful, comfy, AND practical – who knew it was possible!”

“NB – my sandals were a gift from Slinks, but all words and opinions are my own”

Whether you’re looking for travel destination inspiration, help on what to wear on holiday or just a glimpse of somewhere more exotic than your dreary office, Instagram travel accounts are a must to have on your following list. Here at Slinks we have picked out our Instagram travel favourites that allow us to live vicariously through those lucky enough to be travelling the world for a living.

@mappingmegan This is one adventure girl! Stunning photography and a down to earth visual diary of a day in the life of. She get’s around and shows us a few nifty fashion tips along the way – Hiking in the Panama Jungle without a belt, so she improvised – a beautiful belt out of vine works amazingly! She is also a Slinks wearer so we love her even more.Mapping Megan A travel girl we love - and she loves Slinks too!


@rosielondoner We are big fans of the fact that Rosie of @rosielondoner shares her lifestyle tips while she’s roaming the world but also while she’s at home in Notting Hill. Follow Rosie’s account if you’re after tips on where to eat and what to wear in locations such as Saint Lucia and Australia.Rosielondoner blogger picked by Slinks top 12 instagramers


@em_luxton The lovely Emily Luxton’s Instagram page lets you follow her on her trips around the world with a heavy emphasis on adventure and cultural experiences. We love the fact that this account also gives tips on where to travel in the UK and features Emily’s trips back to her beautiful home of Guernsey.em luxton


@muradosmann You’ve probably heard of Murad Osmann before. His web-famous Instagram account is renowned for featuring pictures of his girlfriend leading him through locations across the world using the hashtag #FollowMeTo. The out-of-this-world photographs will put your holiday snaps to shame.muradosmann Great photographs from Slinks favourite!


@thetravelhack The Travel Hack is your go to if you’re looking for affordable travel inspiration. The account is managed by travel bloggers with a passion for stylish adventure travel and and affordable luxury. Head to their account now to see the best of Singapore.The Travel Hack - a travel blogger in Slinks top 12


@lepostcard If you’re after white sand and clear blue sea then this is the account for you. Le Postcard will let you discover the travel-habits of jetsetters around the world covering all you need to know about what they eat, what they wear and what they do.le postcard travel blogger in Slinks top 12


@jetsetchristina Christina is a San Francisco native with a love for popping champagne and jetting to tropical locations. To date she’s visited over 50 countries so this is a great account if you want a taster of a wide range of destinations and cultures.Jet Set Christina - A fav travel blogger from Slinks


@theblondeabroad Whether she’s diving, hiking or sailing, Kiersten is constantly crossing countries and experiences off her bucket list and her Instagram allows us to come along for the ride. Kiersten is a California girl who left her career in corporate finance in order to travel the world – it’s what dreams are made of!the blonde abroad great travel blogger in Slinks top 12


@alexstrohl If you’re looking for something slightly more adventure based then Alex Strohl is your man. Alex is an adventurer and photographer combined which makes for a breathtaking Instagram page full of inspiring landscapes.alex strohl travel blogger in Slinks Sandals top 12


@passionpassport Passion Passport is made up of a community of travellers, storytellers and photographers who are guaranteed to inspire you to travel. Not only can you follow other’s adventures but you can share your bucket list and travel stories and be featured on their page.passion passport Slinks fav blogger


@chrisburkard This one is for the thrill seeker. Chris Burkard is a travel photographer that not only documents his expeditions around national parks and glaciers but offers workshops for aspiring photographers. This account is definitely worth a follow if you’re planning an adventure yourself!chris burkard travel Blogger chosen by Slinks Sandals


@gettingstamped Hannah and Adam Travel bloggers and photographers. Adam is the photographer and boy does he do a good job! They have been exploring the world nonstop since 2013. A married couple we are just a little bit jealous of. Hannah is a big fan of Slinks and travels the world in them!Getting Stamped Lovely Hannah a great blogger and Slinks wearer

Don’t forget to pack your combination of Slinks bases and uppers for your trip away! Remember to tag us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so we can follow your adventures and add you to our travel favourites to follow.


PS. Here is a picture of Megan’s vine belt for you!

Travel Blogger MApping Megan, she loves Slinks too