Useful Tips for Men (see how helpful we are!)

All these questions are genuine emails

I want to buy some of your Slinks sandals for my wife but I'm not sure which size to plump for. She varies between a 6 & 7. How generous are the sizings?

Slinks in the flat bases come up true to size. If your partner is between sizes; go up a size if she has a wider foot and down a size if she has a narrow foot. For the Slinks in the wedge heel – go up a size.

I’ve just remembered it is my girlfriends birthday tomorrow - can you get them to me for before 9am?

Yes we can. Please drop us an email at or give us a call on tel: 020 32130197 as soon as you remember and we will sort it out for you. Note: Sign up to the mailing list and add special date in the box for birthday, anniversary etc. we will send you an email 10 days before reminding you next time!

I need the Slinks delivered as a surprise can you send them in an unmarked package?

Yes, pop a comment in the box after you have placed your order asking for an ‘unmarked package’ not quite James Bond but near on the thrill.

I was very subtly handed your business card with the website address, name of some uppers and a size. When I try and buy them an 'out of stock' appears. When will they be in stock?

We are very sorry if the item you want is out of stock in the size or colour you need. You can always go up a size in the uppers and the fit will be fine. We have a new order placed with our factory so please drop us an email if you have any questions or wish to go on the waiting list for a particular item. If you let us know which item you would like we should have an idea of when it will be here in our studio.

I bought the wrong size! I ordered a size 35 and my wife is a 39?!

Not a problem, send them back in the post to us (signed for delivery) enclosing the delivery note and what size you would like instead. We generally have stock here but any problems we will call or email you.

I have no idea what size my girlfriends feet are - any advice?

When she is not around go for a rummage in her wardrobe. This usually involves getting down on your hands and knees as shoes, boots and sandals are generally kept in the bottom of the wardrobe. Look on the base of the shoe or the inside section where the size will usually be written. Try and get an average reading of a selection of footwear as girls are well known to buy shoes that don’t fit just because they like them – also don’t read off a box as she may have used another box belonging to a friend! Failing this when she is asleep get a tape measure and measure from the tip of her toe to the base of her heel, send me the measurement preferably in cm and I will work out the size. If you can do this for both feet even better!

Can I enclose a gift message with my order?

Yes, click on the comment box and write your message in – we will handwrite it on a Slinks postcard sized card and pop it in the order.

My wife loves my gift but me being a bloke got the wrong colour?!

Well done for trying! Send them back in the post to us (signed for delivery) enclosing the delivery note and what colour she would like instead. We generally have stock here but any problems we will call or email you.

Why are pirates called pirates?

Because they Arrrrrgh

I have no idea what my girlfriend would choose - can I buy a gift voucher and she can get what she wants?

Yes, all our products range in price from £15 through to £70. If you are a first time buyer you will need to buy a pair of bases and one pair of uppers – minimum value of voucher £50 as an upper without bases will have no use to her. If she has a pair already, minimum value of voucher is £15 (most economical upper).

I bought my wife some uppers for our anniversary and I have no ideas which ones they were - do you?!

Yes, we keep a record of all orders. If you have your order number, send it through on an email and we can bring it up. If you don’t have this (which is more than likely), drop us your name and address and we can track it down for you.

Do you do Slinks for men?

Not at the moment but it is something we are frequently asked! Hopefully we will be in the future so sign up for the mailing list if you’d like to keep in the know.

Email or call on 020 32130197 if you have any questions or need any help.