How to “do” Black Friday / Cyber Monday

How to survive black friday

Every year it comes around and we wonder if it is a clever marketing ploy just to get us to buy more? Are we falling for it? Interestingly there are quite a few people who take the day off, yes actually take all of Friday off to shop those bargins! Are they following the shopping marketing folks plan or are they the clever ones making the most of this?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US and for over 80 years it has been seen as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Cyber Monday is three days later. The term “Cyber Monday” was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. So basically both of them have been created to encourage people to shop!

Whatever ones feelings are regarding Black Friday it is a good time to shop. Whether it is just to stock up on essentials or to buy those treats you can’t live without (those shoes that WILL change your life), if you need to buy something and you want to save money, now seems like a good time to us. There are lots of websites where you can read where to get the best deals, The Telegraph is good for some interesting tips.


We decided a couple of years ago that Slinks should be part of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday gang. We soon realised we could shop and save money! This is often when we buy items for the studio, maybe a new computer, coffee capsules for our machine (can’t live without them!) and last year a new rug.

However, even more importantly, we know it’s nice to treat our customers who want a little off before Christmas – hence our fabulous 25% off sale.

With so much choice and so many bargains there could be hours of internet shopping ahead of you.  We’re here to help you get through it with a couple of small helpful tips and essentials!

There are 6 essential items that you need:

  1. TIME
  4. WINE

The first three we can’t really help you with but we know you’ll manage just fine.

Ideally you will also dress like these two Partners in Crime.

Ideally you will also dress like these two Partners in Crime.

We can however help with the other three! It is essential that you enjoy your shopping evening and in our opinion these three items will make the evening all the better. We’ve tracked down the best place to buy wine, olives and candles (all obviously at great prices!). The wine is because it tastes great and makes a treat of anything. The olives are in case you get peckish and need a little pick me up and lastly, the scented candles are to calm the mood and bring some yogic breathing to the possibly stressful affair!



WINE: We all have our preference when it comes to wine, personally we are enjoying the Chateau Descale Bordeaux Superior at the moment. A rich and smooth palate with an attractive bouquet “reflecting perfectly ripe grapes with rich blackcurrant aromas”. At the moment Tesco are doing a good deal reduced from £12 a bottle to £6.50 (buy a few we say).

OLIVES: We are loving these Green Nocellara Del Belice Olives. Always go for olives with the ‘stone-in’ like these (much better) and these come with a little hint of lemon. They are firm and great tasting at £1.80 a go from Sainsburys

SCENTED CANDLES: There are thousands of divine scented candles on the market so please do pick your favourite but we find these simple ones from IKEA (at 85p a candle!) an economic but divinely scented option!

Good luck with the shopping and don’t forget to have a look at whilst sipping your wine!



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