A new member of the Slinks team

The biggest news in our happy studio is that we have a new addition. His name is Caldey and he is a delight. A bit of a mix of breeds, Jack Russell, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese and not quite sure what else. We are totally smitten. I personally have never been a real dog person, I never petted every dog in the street, I wasn’t that interested when friends showed me pictures of their dogs, never watched you tube videos of dogs pretending to talk or running in their sleep but this one has got me.

The neighbours had a litter of puppies, 2 girls and a boy. He literally landed on my lap one day whilst chatting in the living room with my sister and some friends and hasn’t really left.

He is named after an island on the coast of Wales, Caldey Island. My father used to go there when he was young as a sort of summer camp. The island has about 40 inhabitants and about 14 of those are monks. It is beautiful.

He has changed our lives and we couldn’t be more thankful.

(We are yet to see if he is any good at designing shoes!)

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