20 simple tips to make your life better

How to make your life better

We wrote a blog last year on 20 tips to make your life better, we haven’t stuck by all of them (cold showers are a little tricky to take in the deepest depths of winter) but we have done a few and guess what? They are working! We thought we’d share them again this year as we believe in them so strongly.

We are always striving to improve ourselves, be better people and be happy. Here are 2o simple things to make your life better and feel satisfied for the little things  – 2017 here we come…

  1. 15 min of yoga every morning. This doesn’t have to be technical rule based yoga. Make up some simple stretches and basic movements to get your body ‘day ready’. Breathe and relax and give yourself time in the morning.
  2. Eat protein in the morning. Greek yoghurt, poached eggs, smoked salmon, wheatgerm, quinoa.
  3. Write down and clear your emotions for 5min in the morning. Get an A4 piece of paper and fill one side with thoughts, things that are niggling away at you. Get them down on paper and then then throw it away so you can start the day productively and focused.
  4. Don’t check emails or social media before you are ready. Check them when you get to work, be proactive not reactive. You decided when your morning ‘you time’ is over.
  5. Cut out caffeine.
  6. Stop consuming refined sugar – basically anything that has too many labels or packaging.
  7. Follow your morning shower with a burst of cold water. Start with your legs and arms, then splash your face and the front of your body – then brave it, turn around put your back under and give a little yelp of delight. Cold showers burn fat, increase alertness and lift your mood (a known treatment for depression). Also increases immunity, circulation and makes your hair and skin pretty.
  8. Go to bed early as much as possible, I’m talking 10.30pm folks.
  9. Say ‘no’ to things you’re not interested in.
  10. Consume a tablespoon of coconut oil once a day.
  11. Have no more than three things on your list to achieve that day. When you do them you will feel more satisfied rather than a long list of 30 things that you can’t possible achieve in one day.
  12. Do at least 30min of exercise per day (you can count your 15 min of yoga as half of this). Get out for a brisk walk, jog, run. Do some sit-ups at home, turn the music up and dance like no one is watching. Anything – you’ll get your heart rate up and release those dolphins (endorphins).
  13. Stop internet, social media, emails. Anything on a computer, phone, laptop for at least 24 hrs once a week.
  14. Make one audacious request per week. People won’t know what you want unless you ask them. You never know they might say yes!
  15. Floss you teeth at least three times a week.
  16. Remove all non-essentials from your life. Possessions should be useful or beautiful, if they are neither get rid of them.
  17. Make a realistic bucket list (you can make a dream one too) do one thing on your list once a month.
  18. Eat fresh and raw one day a week.
  19. Be kind to people. Not only is this good for them it will make you feel better.
  20. Drink water, lots of it, every day.

HAPPY 2017.

With much love x

Photo used from AgileLeanLife.

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